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We believe school should befunchallengingaffordablelifechanging


"This school is awesome. We are so happy Autumn attends NISCE. She is so happy and she learns so many wonderful things about the Lord. Autumn teaches me things I didn't even know."

Shannon R.

"My children love attending NISCE and that as a parent makes me happy, and takes all worries away."

Maria R.

"My kids have been students for three years now at NISCE. I have seen improvement in their studies, study habits, organization, and social wellbeing. I am thankful that they are in a safe, loving and Godly environment. "

Jay M.

"We do love how dedicated the teachers and staff are and how well organized and smoothly this year has gone -very impressed."

Greg A.

"Everything just worked out- having our kids at NISCE has been one of the greatest blessings!!! Everyone is genuine and caring."

Katrina W.

"We are so thankful that God sent us here and placed such wonderful people in our children's lives."

K. Walters


student/teacher ratio


less than avg. private school tuition


average ACT score


graduation rate

What makes NISCE different?

Our Passion

NISCE is devoted to producing God-loving, Word-filled, ministry-minded disciples of Christ who are educated, well-rounded, and eager to impact this world for Christ.

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