6 Documents to have on File at NISCE for Your Child

As the next school year approaches, there is some paperwork that NISCE will need to have on file for your student. If you have any questions about these items and how to file them at NISCE, contact Mrs. Hamiel at 815-830-8941.

  1. Any previous school records
  2. A copy of the student’s birth certificate
  3. A copy of the latest physical report for any new students to NICE or a student
    entering Prek, K5, 6th grade or 9th grade, also the students that will be participating in
    an organized, weekly P.E. class which are the 7th-H.S. (All of our students participate in
    many fun, physical, outdoor (as much as possible) activities during our two to three
    daily recess times that are supervised carefully).
  4. A copy of the latest dental exam report for those students entering K5, 2nd grade,
    and 6th grade.
  5. A copy of the latest eye exam report for any student that has gotten an eye exam in
    the past year, and the state of IL recommends that any student entering K5 or shows
    signs of not seeing well should get an eye exam.
  6. A copy of the latest immunization report from your physician. If you choose not to
    have your child immunized then please write a statement that states this fact and date it
    for your child’s school file.



Pastor Brady Hamiel

The newest member to the NISCE family, Braden has fit right in having been an assistant pastor/teacher at The Assembly and web designer for All Web Promotion for over three years. He has the passion to use his diverse experience to further disciple students and grow our academic resources dramatically for the glory of God.