On Thursday, March 11th, NISCE had its first chess tournament of 2021! Since COVID-19 hit last year many schools have dropped sporting competitions; therefore, NISCE chess club hasn’t competed in a while. To spice some things up we chose to have a local competition just between NISCE students. Even some parents participated for fun against students who had a bye round.

First was the senior (Junior High) division which had four participants. This consisted of two champions from former years (Aaron Doyle and Justin Miller) and a humble third-grader, Isaiah Walters, whose advancing skill landed him a spot with the big boys. This year’s champion was Aaron Doyle who faced Alex Rax in the championship game.

The junior (elementary) division was slightly bigger with five participants. Several of these students have just learned the game this year. Although Dorothy Steele was the first contestant out of the double-round elimination tournament, she showed exceptional growth for a beginner. Michael Janko went undefeated until the semi-final round where he showed great sportsmanship and Christian character by giving up his chance at the finals to allow his opponent to proceed. The championship round was between Nevaeh Ventura and Wyatt Sheppard. Wyatt is the newest member of the chess club, who just learned the game and joining in January. Surprisingly, he became a fan favorite and went undefeated for a majority of the first half of the tournament. In the championship, each contestant won one game. That third and final game revealed Nevaeh Ventura as junior division champion!

NISCE hopes to hold another chess tournament before the end of the school year. Thank you to all participants, parents, grandparents, and spectators who attended! 

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Calling all chess players at NISCE! We are hosting a NISCE chess tournament between students and parents on March 11th, from 4:30 PM-6:00 PM. The students and parents will be in their own divisions until they have a winner who will win a prize. Then the winner of the two divisions will play for another prize.

The matches will take place in the auditorium where we ask all players and onlookers to remain as quiet as possible with phones silenced. Matches will be timed with each player having a total of 10 minutes to be completed. After each match, the players will receive their respective score that will determine who they play next. This will continue until there is a winner! Contact Pastor Jay (jaymiller@nisce.net) to register to play or to make any inquiries about the tournament.

First Soccer Practice

First Soccer Practice

First Soccer Practice

Due to the abundance of snow, our first soccer practice will tentatively be on Tuesday’s March 2nd. Until then, the volleyball practice will still be beginning next week. Please refer to the current season module for information about practice times.

NISCE Saints will transition from their Winter Basketball season to the Spring Girls Volleyball and Boys Soccer in the third week of February. Here are the details:

Third Week of Feb. 2/14 – 2/20:

(Note that all of the following volleyball and basketball practices and scrimmages will be at Shooting Park Road Baptist Church, 4281 Shooting Park Rd, Peru, IL 61354 )

Monday 2/15 (4:00-6:00): 🏐 volleyball practice 4:00-6:00

Tuesday 2/16 (4:00-6:00): 🏀 5th-8th grade boys and girls basketball scrimmage

Thursday 2/18 (4:00-6:00): 🏀 6th-HS boys and girls basketball scrimmage

Friday 2/19: No Practice for any sport (school field trip)

Normal Spring Soccer and Volleyball Schedule (starting after the Third Week of Feb):

Mondays (4:00-6:00): 🏐 volleyball practice

Tuesdays (4:00-6:00): ⚽ soccer practice

Thursdays (4:00-6:00): 🏐 volleyball practice

Fridays (10:00-12:00): ⚽ soccer practice


All volleyball and basketball: Shooting Park Road Baptist Church, 4281 Shooting Park Rd, Peru, IL 61354 

All soccer practices: Baker Park Soccer Fields (west of the lake), Peru, IL 61354

Where: Calvary Baptist Church and Academy located at 1028 W. Cloverdale Rd. Chillicothe, IL

When: 5:00PM / Feb. 11th, 2021 Pastor Hamiel would like the team to drive together to the game leaving the school at 3:00PM. We can plan on going to dinner together after the game. The boys playing can ride home with their parents.

Who: Varsity Boys (7th gr. – 12th gr.)

COVID-19 Regulations @ Calvary Baptist: Family and fans can go watch. But please plan sitting together as families. Temperatures will be taken at the entrance of the building and face masks are at your own choice during the game, but suggested to and from the gym while going through their building.

Details: The boys playing need to plan on wearing dark blue or black b-ball clothes for this game. The opposing team may have away jerseys for our team. Players should bring water to drink for the game.

Brian Hamiel is the founder of NISCE Institute and has big dreams for it. He has always been one to take leaps of faith that further God’s kingdom. In 2008 he and his wife, Sandi, founded NISCE (Northern Illinois School of Christian Excellence),  a school from k3 to high school, and worked hard to run it with just him and his wife. From then till now this godly power couple has started two churches, one school, and one new college, and have gained over five new teachers! They have put in countless hours to keep these ministries excellent and affordable, even in the face of immense trials. Brian is eager and overqualified to start NISCE Institute and can’t wait to see where it will go in the future. 2018 will be NISCE Institute’s first year; but we are as ambitious as we are young! We have a dream of a college that offers full degrees and GED certifications. These are attainable goals if God is the center, and we will be praying that we can reach them. If you can’t take a class or donate we have an even greater way you can help our college: prayer. We would appreciate as much prayer as possible as we try to guide the next generation as they live in a ever-changing world.

NISCE Institute is a college that has one major leg up than all other large Christian colleges. It is a new school and therefore is still fairly small giving our students maximum time with teachers and it is priced to keep you from debt! We offer a rare intimacy with teachers and fellow students that give us a sense of teamwork and unity. Imagine a college where you can get one on one instruction, encouragement from peers, and an in depth discussion, all for a very low cost. This is another rare aspect of our college, we are affordable. Our founder, Brian Hamiel, knows the current economic climate and objects to the common practice of burying students under debt. He tailored NISCE Institute to be affordable for the average worker in Illinois. We won’t burden you with bills, but will give you a valuable education and camaraderie that you can’t find anywhere else. So apply today or contact a staff member and see how far NISCE Institute can take you!