Pastor Brady Hamiel

Our Goals for the Future

Brian Hamiel is the founder of NISCE Institute and has big dreams for it. He has always been one to take leaps of faith that further God’s kingdom. In 2008 he and his wife, Sandi, founded NISCE (Northern Illinois School of Christian Excellence),  a school from k3 to high school, and worked hard to run…

Why Choose NISCE Institute?

NISCE Institute is a college that has one major leg up than all other large Christian colleges. It is a new school and therefore is still fairly small giving our students maximum time with teachers and it is priced to keep you from debt! We offer a rare intimacy with teachers and fellow students that…

Why teach from a Christian perspective?

NISCE Institute is founded on Christian principles because our founder, Brian Hamiel, is a Christian and has found that it gives meaning and reference to everything. Our college is dedicated to giving the best education possible and sees