NISCE chess club meets after school every Monday from 3:30-4:30 pm. All levels are welcome from beginner to advance. Students are learning chess notation, chess strategies, tactics, openings, mid-game, endings, and more!

What is the Advantages of Chess?

  • Chess teaches critical thinking.
  • Chess teaches that there are consequences for your actions.
  • Chess teaches that one can to learn from their mistakes.
  • Chess teaches to not act rash; it builds patience.
  • Chess teaches strategic future planning.
  • Chess is a great tool for cognitive development.
  • Chess provokes the mastery of pattern recognition.
  • Chess teaches principles of geometry (such as translation, reflection, symmetry, isometry in piece movement and spatial recognition).

No wonder more and more schools world-wide are forming chess clubs!

Pictured: Students from the 2016-2017 Chess Club

Members’ Homework

Here are some videos on the current tactics that chess club members are learning:

  1. The Double Attack
  2. Removing the Defender
  3. The Overworked Piece
  4. The Pin
  5. The Discovered Attack
  6. Double Check
  7. Attraction
  8. Deflection
  9. Clearance
  10. Trapping
  11. Sacrifices

Chess Notation reference guide:


Pictures from our last Tournament

NISCE vs. FBCA in Rosamond, IL – Friday March 2nd 2018