🏐 Junior Varsity Volleyball Game @Galesburg (Game 1)

Event Details

The Jh NISCE Saints Volleyball team will leave school at 1:45 on Thursday, September 1st for their first official game! All players are required to ride the school van to the game.

The game will take place at to Galesburg Christian School’s Gym: Lakeside Recreation Renter (1033 S Lake Storey Rd, Galesburg, IL, 61401) at 4:00 pm.

Parents can pick up their players and take them home separately after the game; however, Pastor Hamiel will be taking the players on the van to a fast-food restaurant on the way back to LaSalle. If your player is planning on eating there with the team, they will need to bring there own money).

Make sure that your child brings…

  • Water
  • Kneepads
  • Black Shorts
  • NISCE Uniform
  • Money for fast-food on the way home (if they ride back on the van)

If you have any questions or concerns contact Pastor Hamiel at 815-830-8938.


Let’s go Saints!