Christmas Party (2:00 pm Dismissal)

Event Details

This event finished on 21 December 2023

This is a Christmas Party day! We will have a special all-school chapel in the auditorium together and enjoy playing games or watching a fun Christmas movie for the rest of the school day. We will also plan a fun food-to-share snack and lunch for that day where everyone brings in either a sweet or salty snack or drink to share. There will possibly be a big pot of delicious chili or soup that day too. If a parent would like to help in the kitchen that day or perhaps do a special Christmas art project for the younger students then please contact Mrs. Hamiel.  This is a Thursday and the last day of school before we are dismissed for the NISCE Christmas break. School starts in the morning at the usual time, 8:00am, but we are dismissed that day at 2:00pm. We will be returning to school on Monday, January 8.