Friday Field Trip: Starved Rock

Event Details

This event finished on 20 October 2023

Known information at this time for this field trip. Text messages to parents with more information about this field trip will be sent out as the date for this field trip approaches. Starved Rock State Park is located near Utica, IL. This field trip is for all of NISCE families. Please be prepared to do some hiking that day. Families can hike together or older kids can do a longer hike together with Pastor Hamiel. Younger students or students and adults that want to go on a shorter hike can take a hike with Mrs. Hamiel. There is a small museum inside the Starved Rock Visitors Center that Mrs. Hamiel would like to check out with the younger students. There are restrooms there at the visitors center too. We plan to meet at the visitors center at 10:30am and eat a picnic lunch together at 12:00. Be prepared to bing a picnic lunch and bottled water. We will to let everyone know where we plan to have our picnic lunch at a central location near the visitors center. Families and students with a ride can leave after lunch which will be around 1:00 or whenever they would like. There is an excellent place near the visitors center that you can watch for bald eagles and other river wildlife. We plan on being at the park from 10:30-1:30. We can possibly help transportation with a limited number of students.