Besides joining NISCE Friends, praying and sharing content on social media will also help us reach more children with Christian education.

Here are some ideas for content that you can post:

  1. Your personal testimony
    1. Why did you join NISCE Friends? 
    2. Why do you think it's important that children have access to Christian education?
  2. Use the #NISCEFriends hashtag
  3. This donation URL:
  4. NISCE Friends graphics or your own photo
    1. Use one of our premade graphics
    2. Take and post a photo of you and your free NISCE Friends merch (NISCE tote bag, t-shirt, sweatshirt)
i-support-christian-education (2)

"I support Christian Education"


"The next generation needs a Christian Education"


"NISCE Friends"


"I am a proud NISCE Friend"