6 Documents to have on File at NISCE for Your Child

As the next school year approaches, there is some paperwork that NISCE will need to have on file for your student. If you have any questions about these items and how to file them at NISCE, contact Mrs. Hamiel at 815-830-8941. Any previous school records A copy of the student’s birth certificate A copy of…

2022 Summer Pre-Season Athletic Opportunities

Get your child moving this summer at our Pre-Season Athletic Opportunities for soccer and volleyball! These opportunities will be available for the summer only. Once the official fall season begins on August 15th, the official practices will begin with additional dates and times. Here are the dates and times for the summer Pre-Season Athletic Opportunities at NISCE:…

2021-22 Basketball Season Cancelled

Due to lack of participation, we had to cancel all of our basketball games and official basketball practices for both boys and girls. Instead of an official season we will have two open gyms every week. Contact Pastor Brian Hamiel (815-830-8938) if you have any questions!

Young Players take the 2021 Spring Chess Tournament by Storm

On Thursday, March 11th, NISCE had its first chess tournament of 2021! Since COVID-19 hit last year many schools have dropped sporting competitions; therefore, NISCE chess club hasn’t competed in a while. To spice some things up we chose to have a local competition just between NISCE students. Even some parents participated for fun against…

2021 Spring Chess Tournament

Calling all chess players at NISCE! We are hosting a NISCE chess tournament between students and parents on March 11th, from 4:30 PM-6:00 PM. The students and parents will be in their own divisions until they have a winner who will win a prize. Then the winner of the two divisions will play for another…

Soccer practice is postponed

Due to the lingering ice and snow, the first soccer practice has been postponed to Tuesday, March 8th, at 4pm. Thank you for your patience! Please see the current seasons module for the practice times moving forward.

First Soccer Practice

First Soccer Practice First Soccer Practice First Soccer Practice Due to the abundance of snow, our first soccer practice will tentatively be on Tuesday’s March 2nd. Until then, the volleyball practice will still be beginning next week. Please refer to the current season module for information about practice times.

Basketball Season is Officially Over- No Thursday Scrimmage

Our NISCE basketball season is officially over and the basketball scrimmage that was been planned for Thursday the 18th, is cancelled. This means that it is officially soccer and volleyball season! Check out the soccer and volleyball practices information in the current season button above.

Basketball to Soccer Practice Transition

NISCE Saints will transition from their Winter Basketball season to the Spring Girls Volleyball and Boys Soccer in the third week of February. Here are the details: Third Week of Feb. 2/14 – 2/20: (Note that all of the following volleyball and basketball practices and scrimmages will be at Shooting Park Road Baptist Church, 4281…

Boys Basketball Game @Chillicothe

Where: Calvary Baptist Church and Academy located at 1028 W. Cloverdale Rd. Chillicothe, IL When: 5:00PM / Feb. 11th, 2021 Pastor Hamiel would like the team to drive together to the game leaving the school at 3:00PM. We can plan on going to dinner together after the game. The boys playing can ride home with…