Our Goals for the Future

Brian Hamiel is the founder of NISCE Institute and has big dreams for it. He has always been one to take leaps of faith that further God’s kingdom. In 2008 he and his wife, Sandi, founded NISCE (Northern Illinois School of Christian Excellence),  a school from k3 to high school, and worked hard to run it with just him and his wife. From then till now this godly power couple has started two churches, one school, and one new college, and have gained over five new teachers! They have put in countless hours to keep these ministries excellent and affordable, even in the face of immense trials. Brian is eager and overqualified to start NISCE Institute and can’t wait to see where it will go in the future. 2018 will be NISCE Institute’s first year; but we are as ambitious as we are young! We have a dream of a college that offers full degrees and GED certifications. These are attainable goals if God is the center, and we will be praying that we can reach them. If you can’t take a class or donate we have an even greater way you can help our college: prayer. We would appreciate as much prayer as possible as we try to guide the next generation as they live in a ever-changing world.



Pastor Brady Hamiel

The newest member to the NISCE family, Braden has fit right in having been an assistant pastor/teacher at The Assembly and web designer for All Web Promotion for over three years. He has the passion to use his diverse experience to further disciple students and grow our academic resources dramatically for the glory of God.