Our Story

We are a family of like minded teachers, students, and parents who believe that education should be loving, academically rigorous, and Christ-focused.

We go for the mind and spirit of young people, not mere outward conformance to rules. We do not operate as a reform school, but have high standards for the admission and retention of students. We highly respect the family and do not keep children too busy and away from parents. We keep our tuition low and do not have hidden fees, so that families can invest in their children’s education as good stewards, without “breaking the bank” or getting loans. We do not shelter children but encourage critical thinking and studying the Scriptures, so that our students know why they believe what they believe, and are able to explain and defend their faith to others. Our student body is constantly directed to grow in love for Christ and others, not developing a self-righteous, superior attitude.

and Christ-centered.


What We Offer

It is worth noting that private Christian school students like ours tend to score way above average in national testing.  Most parents/taxpayers do not realize that a large majority of Illinois government schools fail to meet federal education standards.  Only 42% of Illinois public school students meet testing requirements and a paltry 9% exceed testing requirements.

PARCC scores for 2015 revealed that less than 25% of Mendota school district students (the nearest public school district to NISCE) were “likely to be on track for the next grade level and ultimately for college and career readiness.”  Mendota High faired much worse than the horrible state average of 33%.

  • College readiness benchmark for ACT testing is 22.3.
  • 2015 MHS ACT average was 20.8
  • 2015 Illinois State ACT average was 20.7
  • 2015 U.S. national ACT average was 21.0
  • In 2015, Massachusetts students posted the highest state average in the nation at 24.3
  • NISCE ACT average over the last three years is 24.5

NISCE has high academic standards and low student/teacher ratio. Northbrook’s (the nearest public middle school) average classroom size in 2015 was 28 students, were NISCE’s average is 10 students.

Sources: illinoisreportcard.com and schools.chicagotribune.com