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This is the first version of Pepto Bismo, my unofficial website!!

This is just the beat version of Pepto Bismo and will receive not farther updates. There is a different version that i am working on that or i am already done with it already.

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Products Sold

This is how many products we

sold in the past year!


These are countries we

have send food to help with their starvation

| Pepto Products |


Pepto Bismo

The classic Pepto Bismo you all know and love.


Pepto Bismo Clear

For all the vegans.


Pepto Bismo Chews

If you don't like liquid... here you go!


Pepto Bismo Cream

Looks like milk and tastes like it, but just isn't. Does well in coffee!


Social Accounts

You can follow us and see when we are dropping new products, when you follow our socials!

Twitter: @Pepto_Bismo

Facebook: @i<3PeptoBismo

Instagram: @Pepto-bismo

Snapchat: @pepto&Bismo

Make sure to go to our Youtube @PeptoProducts to see our products fully explained by our employees and

CEO Trevor Carlson

| We need your help |

          We appreciate everyone around the globe who buys our products!!

Now here is a few ways YOU can help us today!!

Spread the Word

Go to all your socials accounts and tell everyone about how Pepto Bismo has helped you be healthy!!

Buy our Products

Your purchases have helped us help others. The more products you buy from us, helps us provide foods in starving countries with no food!!

Give us Ideas

Help us with more ideas!! If you have any ideas that someday may become a product, go to the bottom of the page for more information!!

| partnerships |

We never would have been able to come this far without any of our partners!

Here is our loyal partners that have helped us:

Thomas Insurance®

Hyperventilating Gang™

NISCE School

and many more. 🙂

This website is just a joke. Nothing about it is real, not the products, not the products sold, not the  countries helped, not the 'we need your help', not the youtube, and not the social accounts. But if you do have a product idea, You may to to Snapchat™ and text the account "trevorcarlson22"

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