Our Staff


Pastor Brian Hamiel

Founder / Headmaster / High School and Junior High Teacher

Brian has dedicated his life to helping children. Brian is a graduate from Faith Baptist Bible College and Bob Jones Seminary and was at his first Christian school for 13 years as an educator, coach, athletic director, and assistant administrator. Then, in 2008, he and his wife took a step of faith and founded NISCE. Since then, he has sacrificed countless hours to create a school that pushes students to academic excellence in the most loving way. In all, he has worked in Christian education for 25 years. In addition to starting a school, Brian has started two churches and one college. In his rare free time, he enjoys traveling, listening to music, researching, teaching Sunday School, playing competetive sports, and being with family.

Liberty Davenport

High School and Junior High Spelling and Literature Teacher / Piano Teacher

Liberty's incredible teaching is a shining example of NISCE's long term academic and spiritual impact. She is an alumni of NISCE having attended since kindergarten. After graduating she felt called to provide the same great education she received herself. She is a master of language (English and music) and is an integral part of our team!


Braden Hamiel

Bible Teacher / Art Teacher / Athletic Director / Digital Marketer

The newest member to the NISCE family, Braden has fit right in having been an assistant pastor/teacher at The Assembly and web designer for All Web Promotion for over three years. He has the passion to use his diverse experience to further disciple students and grow our academic resources dramatically for the glory of God.

Mercy Smith

Study Hall Monitor

Mercy Smith is our teacher's aide, study hall monitor, and professional encourager, serving our students with a joyful heart wherever she is needed. From her bright smile to her constant reminders of God's goodness, Mercy radiates love for God and her students every day!


Pastor Jay Miller

2nd Grade - High School Chess Coach / 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher

Where are you going in life? That is the only question that matters to Jay and he has dedicated his life to helping people find that answer. After serving overseas in the U.S. Navy, he returned and perused degrees in Economics and Business Administration. In 2015, Jay became associate pastor at Victory Baptist. He feels that these experiences are how God equipped him to help others with their journey through life. Pastor Jay has dedicated his life to help of all ages spiritually, financially, and academically.

Michelle Watson

5th - 12th NISCE Choir Director

Michelle has founded NISCE choir and continues to push it to higher levels. During every choir lesson she is nothing but joyful and energetic as she helps her students expand their voices. However, her deepest teaching is aimed at the heart and soul. Michelle is constantly reminding our children of their worth in Christ and their purpose for singing and living: to glorify God. Her vital role in growing our students musically and spiritually is immeasurable!


Cinde Gomez

1st & 2nd Grade Teachers Aid

Cinde brings nothing but joy to our students and staff. Her passion to lead students toward academic excellence and her peaceful spirit to aid teachers makes her utterly invaluable to our school.

Sandra Hamiel

Co-Administrator / 1st & 2nd grade Teacher

Sandra Hamiel has taught in Christian schools for over 20 years. She loves helping students to learn, develop strong study habits, and gain organization skills that will benefit her students in school and in life. She also promotes a love for learning in each of her students. Sandra is passionate about teaching her students learn more about the Lord Jesus, His love for them, and His Word.



Mackenzie Hamiel

Guitar Teacher

Faith Salander

Violin Teacher