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Over the last three years NISCE's enrollment has doubled, drastically increasing the need for funds to keep NISCE  affordable, excellent, independent, and expanding.

When NISCE was founded in 2008, it had just over 20 students and two paid staff members. Now it has almost 60 students with 14 staff members offering many extracurricular activities, all while keeping our tuition rates affordable. At a time when most Christian schools are contracting or closing, God has blessed us by doubling our enrollment. Because of public school COVID regulations, common core curriculums, and LGBTQ agendas, we believe the interest in NISCE is only going to continue to rise. To keep up with growth and to keep tuition affordable, NISCE desperately needs classroom space, staff, a gymnasium, and tuition for families in need.

Furthermore, we are not funded by the government. Teaching about Christ and Christian values has seen increasingly active persecution from the culture and even government, leading us to remain as independent of them as possible. Only by the aid of God through generous people can we continue to meet current needs and prepare for future growth. Can we count on you to partner with us to meet the need of families who long for their children to be given an excellent, Christ-centered education? If so, the best things you can do are praying and giving to NISCE monthly.


How it works:

Step 1:

Setup Donations

Setting up your recurring monthly donation is easy! Simply go to the Donorbox donation module, set your amount, enter your payment information, and watch how your gift benefits students, families, and the body of Christ.

Step 2:

Track the Impact

Ever single dollar that is raised by NISCE Friends is used for improved facilities, increasing what we can offer students, staff, or families in need of tuition. Furthermore, you can track the impact it has via the NISCE Friends quarterly newsletter.

Funds allocated, allow us to better teach and, most importantly, disciple children to lead profitable Christ-centered lives. Your gift goes much farther than a physical building or resources, but extends to deeply impacting children's lives.

Step 3:

Spread the Word

The more NISCE Friends, the more students we can reach with an excellent education and the Gospel. That's why whether you can donate financially or not, you can still make a great impact just by sharing the news about NISCE Friends with everyone in your network. You can do this by texting people this url:

or by liking and sharing our NISCE Friends posts on Facebook.

What are you waiting for? Start making an impact in student's lives today!