The next generation needs a

With your monthly NISCE Friends donation, we can raise up a generation of Christ-centered children.


One Time Gift

Any amount that you are able to give would be helpful and greatly appreciated! Click here to learn more.


Monthly Gifts

Monthly gifts via NISCE Friends is a reliable stream of funds that allow us to still help students who cannot afford tuition.


NISCE Friends is a network providing Christian education to children who couldn't afford it otherwise.

NISCE is committed to providing an excellent, affordable education and Christian discipleship to as many children as possible. That's why our tuition is significantly lower than almost every Christian school in the area! However, some students still need financial support. That's where you come in! By joining NISCE Friends, you are entering a network of like-minded people who enable students to receive an excellent Christian education. Please prayerfully consider joining NISCE Friends, and partnering with us to impact the next generation for Christ.

Step 1:

Setup Donations

Setting up your recurring monthly donation is easy! Simply go to the Donorbox donation module, set your amount, enter your payment information, and watch how your gift benefits students, families, and the body of Christ. If you have questions contact Pastor Brady at or 815-343-0255.

I would rather donate monthly with a physical check.
Is that an option?

Definitely! Offline donations are great because there is no processing fee. Just contact Pastor Brady at or 815-343-0255. He will take your email address to enter you into our system and let you know where you can send your donation.

How can I just give a one-time gift?

If you are not ready to set up monthly donations through NISCE Friends, feel free to give a one-time gift online here or make a check out to NISCE and send it to:

505 West 7th Ave,

Mendota, IL.


However, NISCE Friends is set up to meet the monthly tuition needs of students who cannot afford it, so a steady monthly donation is an ideal way to give. Without a steady flow of funds, we are limited in how we can help these students. 

If I change my mind, could I cancel my monthly donation plan?

Yes. To cancel your monthly donations to NISCE Friends simply log into your donorbox account and pause donations to NISCE. Learn more about how to do that on donorbox's help article.


If need any further help cancelling, contact Pastor Brady at or 815-343-0255.

Do you automatically charge my credit card every month?

Yes. The credit card or payment method you established will automatically be charged every month. That way you don't have to worry about mailing a check. 

After setting up your donations in the donorbox module, you will receive an email that will allow you to log in to your donorbox account. In that account, you can manage your donations and add a new payment method if your card expires. If you have any questions about the payment process, please refer to donorbox's help article.



Step 2:

Track the Impact

Each dollar that you donate to NISCE Friends will help a child receive an excellent Christian education. You will be able to track the impact of your generous monthly gift by following us on social media. Watch as children grow closer to God and thrive at NISCE, all thanks to your generous monthly gift!

How will my NISCE Friends donations help support students who couldn't go to NISCE otherwise?

This school year, NISCE has been significantly discounting or fully covering the tuition of 7 students from 4 families. NISCE Friends will directly go towards closing this deficit. NISCE Friends donations not only help struggling families, but they will also help the school grow and make improvements by not having to cover a tuition shortfall each year.

If the NISCE Friends fund exceeds the need for any school year, the excess will be held in reserve and used for future needy students or families.


Step 3:

Spread the Word

The more NISCE Friends, the more students we can reach with an excellent education and the Gospel. That's why whether you can donate financially or not, you can still make a great impact just by sharing the news about NISCE Friends with everyone in your network and praying.

What can I post to my personal social media accounts to promote NISCE Friends?

First of all: thank you! Even if you can't donate monetarily yourself, spreading the word about NISCE Friends is an absolutely integral part of bringing Christian education to underprivileged children. Here are some ideas for content that you can post:

  1. Your personal testimony
    1. Why did you join NISCE Friends? 
    2. Why do you think it's important that children have access to Christian education?
  2. Use the #NISCEFriends hashtag
  3. This donation URL:
  4. NISCE Friends graphics or your own photo
    1. Use one of our premade graphics



What are you waiting for? Start making an impact in student's lives today!